Raw Walnut Tacos


  The Challenge A few months ago, my co-worker texted me asking if I could give her some ideas for high-protein recipes (per instructions with her nutritionist), with the caveat of no meat, no tofu (but dairy is okay). My first question to her “what about nuts?” – and yes, luckily those were on the … [Read more…]

Gluten-Free Honey Muffins & Ginger Maple Apple Chips For Rosh Hashanah

GF honey muffins

 Happy Tuesday!¬† Hope ya’ll had a great Labor Day weekend! And what was I up to on the stormy last-official-summer day? Well since Rosh Hashanah¬†starts this upcoming Sunday night, I thought I’d get my bake on!¬† On today’s menu – ginger maple apple chips and gluten-free honey muffins!¬† Even though I’m not eating many apples … [Read more…]