Potato Latke Waffles

The Festival of…Waffles? Hanukkah, oh Hanukkah. The holiday of…waffles?  Sure, why not? These waffles are made with potatoes, onions, egg and oil! The very BASICS of latke ingredients. So why not take the traditional latke and form it into a fun and different shape, the WAFFLE – my Potato Latke Waffles! But before we get … Continue reading “Potato Latke Waffles”

PSL: Pumpkin Spice Latkes

Pumpkin Spice Latke With Thanksgiving not too far in the rear view mirror, and Hanukah (or is it Chanukah? Or Hannukah?) coming up soon I got the idea to merge the flavors of the season. I give you the Pumpkin Spice Latke.  Hey if it works for Starbucks, Cheerios, and Oreos, why not latkes? Potato would be … Continue reading “PSL: Pumpkin Spice Latkes”

Pizza Latkes!

Last Shabbos afternoon, I had an epiphany.  To be honest, most days I’m thinking about a new outfit idea, or new recipe I want to experiment with, so it’s no surprise that when I got up from my Shabbos nap, I had a light-bulb moment and of course, started daydreaming about this latke recipe. Pizza. … Continue reading “Pizza Latkes!”

Jalapeno Cheddar Cauliflower Latkes With Salsa Verde Sour Cream

Who doesn’t love latkes, but definitely don’t serve these with apple sauce as they definitely are not your bubbie’s. After eating what feels like nothing but carbs for a few days, I wanted something a little lighter. Enter cauliflower.  And yes, I know I am encroaching on Rachel’s territory, but I think I have done … Continue reading “Jalapeno Cheddar Cauliflower Latkes With Salsa Verde Sour Cream”

Spaghetti Squash Latkes with Dipping Sauce Trio

I’m sure you all are in agreement with me that this year has just FLOWN by and it’s crazy that Hanukkah starts tomorrow night!  So of course we had to bring you some unique latkes to this blog, am I right?  For mine, I didn’t use any potatoes (I know, I know…you’re all shaking your head, … Continue reading “Spaghetti Squash Latkes with Dipping Sauce Trio”

Stuffing Waffles With Caramelized Onions and (Beef) Bacon

As I was trying to come up with a recipe for the Thanksgiving season, I was listening one of the Thanksgiving episodes of one of my new favorite podcasts BBQ Radio Network, when one of the hosts, Andy Groneman mentioned two magical words: “stuffing waffles”. Andy Groneman is a second generation pitmaster who won hundreds … Continue reading “Stuffing Waffles With Caramelized Onions and (Beef) Bacon”

Cabbage Pancakes (for Passover!)

Cabbage Pancakes Lately, I’ve been a little preoccupied, with the move just a few weeks ago and setting up our new condo. Things are definitely in good shape here, but since Passover is HERE, I had to bring you all at least 1 new recipe – and this one came out of sheer necessity to … Continue reading “Cabbage Pancakes (for Passover!)”

Olive Oil Persimmon Cake & Hanukkah GIVEAWAY!

Happy Hanukkah to our loyal Meat Your Vegetables readers! We have an exciting Hanukkah giveaway (see details below on how to enter), but before I provide those details, let’s talk food! This year, I have a slightly non-traditional recipe for Hanukkah, my Olive Oil Persimmon Cake. Before this recipe came together, of course I was … Continue reading “Olive Oil Persimmon Cake & Hanukkah GIVEAWAY!”

Blueberry Lemon Beignets and a Hanukkah Giveaway

I love donuts! Lately I have been trying to watch what what I eat, but I love donuts.  And what is Hanukkah (or is it Chanukah) without sufganiyot, the delicious filled donut treats? Jews traditionally eat lots of foods fried in oil on Hanukkah, to commemorate the small flask of oil that was found in … Continue reading “Blueberry Lemon Beignets and a Hanukkah Giveaway”

Ginger Lime Cranberry Sauce

BONUS RECIPE! Yup, BONUS for ya’ll! I get it, we’re all busy with a million things, even if we’re not having company over for Thanksgiving this year. But don’t worry, the team here at MYV has you covered so there’s one less thing to stress about. So here’s an extra recipe for your holiday meal … Continue reading “Ginger Lime Cranberry Sauce”