Yosef Silver

Meat Your Veggies make an awesome team.  The collaboration of these two authors brings a fresh culinary approach, a touch of style, and a really engaging writing style.  I love the recipes, and especially love the coverage of kosher industry events and BBQ festivals. They know their stuff, and are always happy to answer culinary questions!

Azi Lifsics

It’s always great to see what Daniel and Rachel come up with next. From the multi-layered recipes to the pop-up Indian restaurant they put together. They never ceases to impress!

Carol Katzman

OMG – the photos from the Dallas Kosher BBQ Competition made my mouth water; I think I may have to go to that one!  Your explanation about the process was very informative, too.  Really helped me understand how the competition is conducted – standards, the proteins used and how it’s different from a KCBS competition.  Sounds like you had some fierce competitors, too, but came out with some really good scores!  Congrats – and next time, save me some of those ribs!! They were bangin’!