Rachel’s Purim Seudah Menu Idea: smoked salmon deviled eggs, mini mushroom frittatas with harissa mayo dipping sauce, lemon poppyseed coconut hamantaschen

Deviled eggs with smoked salmon and capers

Deviled eggs with smoked salmon and capers

Here we go!  Purim seudah time!

Last year I made a bold and insanely spicy “drunken noodles”, because…you know…Purim. 🙂  This year, I thought of a bit more simple foods to put on the menu – more of an appetizer meal.  I’m a big fan of serving little salads and dips, a little scoop of this, a dollop of that.  So here is what I have on a menu idea for you this year!


smoked salmon deviled eggs:  This one is pretty simple.  Just make your basic deviled eggs, just kicked up a notch (hard boil eggs in cold water, bring to a boil, then immediately turn off heat and let sit for 12 minutes, then place in ice bath to stop cooking.  Scoop out the yolks, add in mayo, mustard, salt, pepper, scoop back into egg white and top with a piece of smoked salmon, fresh dill, chives, capers – whatever you have really would be good.  Even some caviar and green onion…YUM).

[These photos show my attempt at a “blueberry pickled deviled egg”.  I’m still playing around with it and though the “purple” color didn’t seep into the egg white enough, it still came out as a pretty maroon shade on the outside. All I did was boil some wild blueberries in water, with some apple cider vinegar, salt and some liquid stevia as a pickling liquid, turned off the heat, then let the eggs sit in the lukewarm water for a while, maybe 30 minutes or so – I didn’t want them to get overcooked so make sure the water is lukewarm, not hot.  I wasn’t going for an “Easter egg” theme, ha, just something pretty for spring. Next time I’ll try beets, or blackberries, or even turmeric for a “yellow” pickled egg]



Appetizer or main:

mini mushroom frittata with spicy harissa mayo. Sauté onions, garlic, mushrooms in oil with salt and pepper, add the veggie mixture to a muffin tin.  Beat about 8-10 eggs, adding some almond milk and pour over the veggie mix and bake at 350F for about 15 minutes.  Top with fresh herbs like chives, basil, dill, anything!

I happen to be on a crazy harissa kick right now!  Harissa is a spicy pepper relish and you can find it at your local grocery store (I’ve found the brand “Mina” at my local grocery store and at Whole Foods – they have red pepper in mild and spicy and a green pepper version too).  Just mix a few dollops with homemade avocado mayo (or whatever you have in your fridge), mix in some lemon zest and maybe some garlic (or roasted garlic would be delish too, but what’s NOT to love about roasted garlic, except for maybe your breath afterwards).

I would just scoop some dipping sauce over the frittatas and you have a substantial app or side dish – the veggies give it bulk and the eggs give it a boost of protein and fat.  And if you don’t like mushrooms, fear not!  You can use asparagus, spinach, chard, tomatoes, broccoli – really, ANY veggie or green you feel like using up works great in frittatas!

And for dessert?

Can’t forget my lemon poppyseed coconut hamantaschen!  Check out the recipe here!

If you feel like adding a salad, check out my Caesar salad with roasted white sweet potato croutons on my blog riskyveggie.com!  I like to keep my Purim seudah menu ideas light and simple, and not too fussy.  So there you have it, folks!

Freilichin Purim!!

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