Purim Seudah Menu – the Rachel way

Hi all and happy Purim!

Even though Daniel and I just made our hamantaschen and posted about it this week, I still cannot believe that we’re in March, and even though Pesach is around the corner, I’m still in denial that it’ll be here before you can say “gluten free hamantaschen”.

So here we go – it’s seudah time!  We’re each giving you some ideas of what to serve at your seudah, and here’s mine!


My caramelized onion, mushroom, fig and goat cheese GF pizza crust hamantaschen (omit the goat cheese if you’re doing a pareve or fleishig seudah).

Main Dishes:

Super Spicy Drunken Noodles

Raw Falafel Balls with lemon za’atar dipping sauce

Cauliflower Tabbouleh


My coffee maple date hamantaschen with lemon blueberry chia filling

When I first thought of “Purim” food (ok, besides the obvious hamantaschen), I immediately thought of “drunken noodles”.  I mean, clearly, for the whole Purim theme and all, BUT here’s the kicker – there is not one trace of alcohol in this dish!  The whole point of making drunken noodles is that it’s so fiery hot that you’ll want to drink a vat of alcohol (which I do not recommend, for that matter) after eating this super spicy dish.  Or may I just recommend a nice tall glass of…almond milk to wash it down? 🙂 Only I would say that, right?  This dish is typically made with Asian ingredients, but I would use gluten free brown rice pasta (Jovial brand is my fav – holy delicious batman, it tastes just like the real thing), and add some aromatic spices to the mix, to make it unique.  Some cumin, coriander, curry (or whatever, throw in whatever spices and herbs you like), add in some Thai chilies, sriracha, sambal olek (Asian chili sauce), umeboshi plum vinegar (which I’m a little obsessed with, it has a salty, umami flavor that would be spot on in this), and top with some fresh cilantro and plenty of fresh limes wedges to squeeze over the top and this is one dish worth salivating over.

But after that, I was stuck.  What else would be great to serve for a Purim seudah, without being too cliche or specific to one cuisine?  Then it hit me.  Persian flavors (DUH).  Hello, Rachel, the whole story of Purim happens in Persia.  So, I went with some Middle Eastern flavors (which I did with the noodles, image that), with some Rachel flair of course.  The raw falafel bites is an idea that I borrowed from one of my favorite cookbook authors and bloggers, Megan Gilmore, a.k.a. Detoxinista, and I love that these are raw – so no baking required and they only take a few minutes to whip up in the food processor.  Walnuts, tahini, garlic, cumin, lemon juice, parsley – done.  If you want to add chick peas, by all means, but I wanted to do something a little unexpected, and the walnuts give it a nice texture.  If you want to flatten them and pan fry them into patties, then go for it!  Make sure you experiment with your food, the way YOU like it – after all, you’re the one that has to eat it anyway, right? Serve these up in pita (gluten free or not), or lettuce cups and top with some zesty lemon za’atar sauce.  Just mix in some mayo (homemade is super easy to make, or just use whatever you have on hand), add in some lemon zest and juice, chopped parsley, garlic powder and za’atar seasoning and mix!  Done and done.

And last on the list was the cauliflower tabbouleh.  If you’ve checked out my other blog, riskyveggie.com, you’ll note that I am slightly obsessed with the ever popular cauliflower “rice” – just raw cauliflower chopped into rice-sized pieces.  I love a good tabbouleh – that fresh bite of tomato, cucumber, sharp raw onion, fresh parsley and a refreshing finish of lemon juice (ok now I’m making myself hungry), but instead of bulgar or even a gluten free grain, how about cauliflower rice!  It resembles similar texture and it cooks in half the time!  I just like to throw it in a pan with a little olive oil, salt and pepper for maybe 5-10 minutes at max, otherwise it’ll get mushy and I like my cauliflower ‘al dente’.

So that’s the whole megillah, folks (I know, I couldn’t resist).

Hope you enjoy my menu ideas for a Purim seudah!

Freilichin Purim!

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